A manufacturer of customized wood components

Giguère & Morin inc. is an important manufacturer of hardwood components serving the industry since 1968. It acts as a true partner for furniture manufacturers, kitchen cabinet manufacturers and woodworkers that need architectural elements. Its outsourcing service and leading-edge methods in the market allow it to render all specialized companies that use it to become increasingly competitive.

If Giguère & Morin creates optimal and cost-efficient solutions for its customers, it is because their facilities are among the best equipped in the industry. Surrounded by a well-trained team using high-performance tools, the company can make your custom parts one unit at a time or in large quantities. Giguère & Morin is a true link in your supply chain because it is capable of handling all your hardwood components, ranging from the choice of wood species to delivery.

Thanks to the unique approach of Giguère & Morin, you will finally have access to the quality of wood for your components at a much lower cost than if you manufactured them yourself.

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Giguère et Morin.