Giguère & Morin

In the furniture industry since 1968


Paul-Émile Giguère buys the plant in Saint-Félix-de-Kingsey in 1968 and entrusts its management to Clément Morin. Hardwood is transformed into edge glued panels and dimension stock with varying degrees of added value. In 1975, the company starts the production of hardwood kitchen tables. This is a pivotal year for the young company.


Following the partnership between Paul-Emile Giguère and Clément Morin, the company is renamed Giguère & Morin. Sales are mainly in Quebec but also in Ontario. The 18 employees soon see their number increase to 35.


The sons of Clément Morin, Guy and Marco, make their debut in the company. During this period, the sales figures climb from 2.4 million to 7 million dollars. The company is thriving and the successors are dynamic.


A quality assurance system and manufacturing software (ERP) are implemented. The company records substantial growth in its sales to the United States. Orders from this new clientele represent more than 50% of the manufacturer’s revenue. It is during this period of great prosperity that Giguère & Morin becomes the property of the Morin brothers.


In response to the collapse of the US market and pressure from Asia on the markets targeted by the company, we proceed to re-engineer the plant by using VAP tools (SMED, 5S, Kanban, etc.).


The furniture industry is constantly changing, especially during a recession. Giguère & Morin respond by deciding to reposition itself in the market. The company becomes a manufacturer of hardwood components for the furniture, cabinet and woodworking industry.


Investments of over two (2) million dollars are made to modernize the main plant and increase the production area by 15,000 square feet. The key goal for management is to make Giguère & Morin a force to be reckoned with in the production of components for kitchen cabinets, furniture and custom-made hardwood tabletops for restaurants and bars. Today, more than 75 employees work closely with the manufacturers to ultimately create quality hardwood components to be used by businesses.