Giguère & Morin

Hardwood components even more customized

Because we offer the best value in the industry, we believe we manufacture components for more than 75% of all the kitchen tables assembled in Quebec. It should be noted that in all of North America, our province is the place that manufactures the most dining room furniture made of solid wood.

The relocation of furniture production to Asia has led us today to diversify our offer. We are now equipped to meet all types of orders. Whether for residential furniture, kitchen cabinets or woodworking industries, our products meet the needs of diverse markets.

We are stakeholders of the organizations to whom we provide various components as we ensure their success which is essential to ours. Business-to-business (B2B) shapes our management, innovations and production.

Kitchen table tops? Cabinet doors? Wood mouldings? Your needs in wood components are specific?

See how we rigorously respond.