Guarantee of Quality

Added-value products, an all-time commitment

The primary objective of a business like ours that focuses on outsourcing is to maximize the use of raw materials and stabilize production costs to remain competitive on all targeted markets.

To achieve this, Giguère & Morin has established a quality assurance program. We measure our performance and continually develop tools promoting improvement.

Our promise in 10 points:

  1. Technological and performing plant
  2. Specialized and competent employees
  3. Confidentiality and professionalism
  4. Complicity in product development
  5. Shorter production time
  6. Reduced storage space for your components
  7. Potential reduction of your processing costs confirmed by a prior and free study
  8. Less than 0.5% products return
  9. Delivery in a maximum of 10 business days
  10. Proactive customer service

Reap the measurable benefits of the valued-added products from Giguère & Morin. Contact us!