Outsourcing Service

Having it made instead of making it can pay off

At Giguère & Morin, we begin our relationships with a cost analysis in the form of a business case. Savings are real and we take great care to show you because this is the basis of a relationship of trust. After being in the field for years and having the opportunity of the making a difference for several manufacturers, we firmly believe that buying components from us will help you save time and money.

By opting for outsourcing, you will get better quality control, reduce material loss and no longer need to bother with management and labour.

Advantages of outsourcing:

  • You have access to an experienced team in hardwood processing.
  • You will benefit from competitively priced wood components.
  • Your hardwood processing costs are reduced by 10% to 30%.
  • You reduce your production time.
  • You need less space to store your components.

« Outsourcing with us is profitable and the savings are from 10% to 30%. »