We offer optimal solutions, from moulding to the kitchen cabinet door

Several manufacturers offer unique products produced one-by-one. Thanks to our methods and the new technologies implemented in our plants, we are able to provide you with components that meet the dimensions and appearance desired.

Cabinets Cabinets Cabinets

From dimension stock to a complete and assembled cabinet door, outsourcing allows you to choose among the widest range of products possible. Our edge glued panels and kitchen cabinet components offer you the possibility of meeting the specific needs of your customers by proposing durable wood products at the same price as materials of inferior quality. Our large production capacity makes a difference, just like our commitment to making unique offers to everyone.

More and more, consumers are concerned about the appearance of the areas where much of their free time is spent. The kitchen is one of these personalized spaces where every detail counts.

You don’t want any details overlooked for your kitchens? Then trust Giguère & Morin. Complete an estimate form.